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Our private data center empowers us to offer a more performant server solution than the public cloud, generating the optimum benefit for you.
Here’re some more reasons to make us your small-medium business server partner

Dedicated Technical Support

We have expert technicians to help resolve any technical glitch at the highest priority and ensure its business as usual. We also provide the option for 24/7 support*.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

We stand by what we say! We believe in transparency and offer the best server management solutions with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime.

Safe and Secured

Our private data center is equipped with the latest technology, and the data is stored in an encrypted format, ensuring it remains safe and secure.

General FAQ

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Check out the most commonly asked queries related to our server management service in Belgium.

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As we have set up our private data center in Oostkamp, Belgium, our servers are located here.

We offer managed service for both Linux and Windows systems.

We offer everything from updating the Operating System and applications, changing passwords to taking backups, monitoring hardware status, CPU, RAM in real-time, and reviewing security.

What are the advantages of employing a server manager?

For small-medium businesses, it is not always feasible to have an IT department. That’s where a server manager comes to the rescue at a comparatively more cost-efficient price. Running into technical glitches is common in website hosting. Being an expert in the field, a server manager proactively takes actions to prevent those issues and, if they occur, help resolve them quickly to ensure your digital business isn’t affected.

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